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The Vision

Capstone Integration Project presented at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, April, 2019.


Talks on Addiction

With my own testimony, stories about addiction, and a theory that addiction resembles a false religion, this sermon suggests that every person in recovery is a miracle, an intervention by God in our world. Witnessing God’s work is perhaps the best reason the Church should welcome addicts. Given at Grace Mennonite Fellowship, Harrisonburg, VA, June 28, 2020.

Preaching from Luke 8:26-39, the Gerasene Demoniac, this sermon discusses addiction in the context of the church. Zion Mennonite Church, July 7, 2019. (Audio only.)


Preached at Eastern Mennonite Seminary on April 4, 2019, this sermon tries to explain addiction in ways that will benefit those going into ministry. (Audio only, with images.) ***This presentation contains graphic images of drug use that may not be appropriate for children.***