Who We Are

D. J. Mitchell has been in recovery from addiction for over 30 years. He also continues to heal from both childhood and adult trauma. He has worked with people in recovery for many years, as well as community development and reconciliation work both at home and abroad. A recent graduate of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, he seeks to bring the grace and love he’s received with others who suffer.
Carrie Mitchell has been in recovery for nine years. She has worked with other women in recovery, and also has a gift for discerning spirits. Her joy is working with children, and she seeks to bring that passion to helping children affected by addiction.
Furst Jenkins, a self-described “street preacher,” lost her brother to drugs. She was also a first responder after 9-11. Currently a student at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, she is dedicated to bringing the healing Gospel to those who need it. She also works with Our Community Place and Kingsway Prison and Family Outreach.