Exploring Addiction in Three Sessions

D.J. Mitchell will be leading three classes on addiction at Lindale Mennonite Church at 6255 Jesse Bennett Way, Linville, VA 22834. Each will be on a Wednesday evening from 6:45 -7:45.

January 15: Lost Among the Tombs (Mark 5:1-17)
Like the Gerasene Demoniac, addicts make strange choices we don’t understand. This first session will look at what we know about addiction and what we can learn from what we see. Many of us have loved ones or friends who have struggled with addiction– please bring your experiences to share.

January 29: Where Is the Hope? (Acts 19:11-20)
Building on the first session, this second session will examine how our society responds to addiction. From stigma and incarceration to various forms of treatment that may or may not be effective, what we’re doing is not working. How does what we discovered about addiction in the first session suggest that responses to addiction might be more effective?

February 12: Even the Demons Submit (Luke 10:17-20)
The Gospel tells of Jesus healing even the most difficult afflictions. How might the Church best help those who struggle with addiction? What prevents us from helping more effectively, and can our limitations be overcome?

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