Welcome to Healing Refuge!

Welcome to Healing Refuge Fellowship, a discipleship community for people who seek healing. Our goal is to create a community that walks together in love, supporting each other, and focusing our lives on God.

Our pastor, D.J. Mitchell, has 34 years in recovery from addiction and had healed from trauma through both conventional and spiritual approaches. Our assistant pastor, Furst Jenkins, lost her brother to drugs and as also a first responder on 9-11. Together, we seek to continue healing, and to walk with others who want to heal.

Healing comes in many forms: medical, psychological, spiritual, and social. We don’t have all these gifts, but we’re building networks of people who do. And we believe that important healing is available by walking together in the presence of Jesus Christ. Whether its addiction, trauma, depression, or disillusionment with a world that makes money and power its god, you are welcome. Whatever your color, culture, gender, age, background, sexual orientation, or legal status, you are welcome.

Right now, Healing Refuge is in the planning phase. We have passion and a vision. We’re currently looking for a location. Meanwhile, if you’re interested, please contact us.


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